USB Recorder Player

USB Recorder
(aka Sparky+ Model, V2 or Model 780)


Recording System includes USB Recorder, USB cable, and coiled phone cable.
Works with all phone systems and all phones.
Headset NOT included. (2.5MM Jack)
Playback, broadcast any recording or announcements over the phone with this system to one or many people.
Great for fast proof and broadcasting.

Works with all corded phones.
Works with base units of cordless phones.
2.5mm Headset support. Headsets not included.
Built in Microphone for recording room or meeting conversations.
Archive or save recorded files to any network drive, PC, CD or FTP Site.
Instant playback of a call through speakers or handset.
Concatenate files.
Minimal recording length capability.
Automatically time & date stamps recorded files.
Add notes and bookmarks to recorded files.
Send Recordings via Email
2 Minute install
USB Recorder is the solution if recording from one line or 10,000 lines.
Send recording as an email attachment.
No tapes, No batteries. This is a maintenance free recorder
Built in microphone for room recording
Learn, change, and improve by listening to your recordings.
Record manually or automatically when a call is made or a call comes in.
2000 minutes, without compression, of recording equal 1 gig on the hard drive
For home or office recording Records both sides of the conversation.
Search and run queries.
Search and run queries.
Compress files manually and automatically.
Real proof at your fingertips
Save recordings to PC, CD, LAN or FTP Site
Listen to recordings through the speakers or through the handset
Record conference calls with ease.
Management software included
30 day money back guarantee.
Amazing sound quality
All for only $164.99.